SEO Copywriting: Types of Projects to Expect as an SEO Writer

Since my foray into SEO writing, I’ve had some interesting projects. I’ve learned a ton. As a side point, I feel like I could beat…

As a side point, I feel like I could beat the crapola out of anyone on


these days. As an SEO writer, you write about a little of everything. Hence, I’ve picked up tidbits on a lot of things. For example, did you know that wedding cake toppers have a rich cultural history that dates back to the 1890s. Neither did I?

I’m a sucker by nature for reading and soaking information. I guess that’s why this field appeals to me so much.

Types of Projects I’ve Worked On in the Last Month

A reader wrote in asking me what types of projects I work on as an SEO writer. I went back through a month’s worth of work, and the following is what I came up with (

note: some are not SEO writing, but clients contacted me because I queried them as an SEO writer


Article Writing for Internet Marketing Firms

: This is the bulk of my SEO writing work. As I’ve previously mentioned, most clients want 500 or 1,000 word articles. They supply me with a keyword list, and I write articles on that subject matter.

Some recent keyword titles have been wedding cake toppers, used redback routers, Chicago Limousine, Sonicview and portable toilets. The list reminds me of the line from

Forrest Gump

, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Abstracts for Internet Marketing Firm:

This firm sends me lists of industry articles from various publications. I write abstracts of those articles for them to post to their site. These abstracts are only 150-250 words long, and take 20-30 minutes, at most, to do.

I like this assignment in particular because I learn a ton about search engine optimization from reading the industry leading publications.

Blog Posting:

I have one blog posting job. I can write whatever I want (no profanity, racism or adult material, of course), as long as it’s uploaded by noon on Wednesday.

I’ve spent as much as two hours writing one post for this blog. I try to always put my best (content) foot forward when I blog, but am particularly conscious of this when doing it for someone else’s blog (gottta keep the good karma flowing, ya know!).

Press Release Writing for Internet Marketing Firm:

This company contacted me about revising a press release their client had written. One was too long and the other was too technical. They sold a construction product for homes.

Do you know what the other company rep said to me when I presented the invoice, “I thought it was only $25.” [I charge


for press release – a bargain by any standard].

Well, they paid up after I explained why it was $125 and not $25, but I haven’t heard from them again. I’ll tell you the entire story on this one on Monday. The back and forth was kinda hilarious!

Descriptive Content Writing for Real Estate Site Owner:

This was the project I discussed


. It’s ongoing.

That’s pretty much it.

New Work Coming In!

I landed a brand new client late yesterday. She owns a web design and hosting firm. Her projects will include writing and updating marketing materials, newsletter content, editing and writing website content for her and her clients.

I’ve been approached about forum posting as well, but to date, that hasn’t panned out.

The days can be long, especially if you have 8, 10 or 12 articles to write on a daily basis. I try my best to have all of my writing done by 3pm, that way I can focus on my stuff the rest of the day (ie, marketing, writing for my personal projects, updating my blog, etc.). It rarely happens that way.

I think I’ve had just one or two days since I started marketing for SEO work where I didn’t have any work. I could ostensibly work 7 days a week, but unless I need the weekends to meet deadlines, I don’t work.

What’s Up with “SEO Mary?”

Next Friday, I’ll have an update on SEO Mary. Who is she and what is she all about? Read the entire saga


It reads like a freelance writing soap opera, I swear!


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